Turning “less” into “more.”

Healthcare organizations have been pushed to “do more with less” for too long. You are now required to deliver care that is more efficient and more cost-effective – all with less. QuartzClinical can help you turn less into more. Much more.

With our advanced technology and precision analysis, we stand at the beginning of a paradigm shift. Machine learning, hyper-accurate predictive models, and dynamic dashboards help you achieve better outcomes by providing even better care in a better way. We start by solving the integration issue in order to help your systems be more efficient. By integrating over 10,000 high-impact benchmarks you care about, we help you quickly understand your top priorities and drill deep to actionable information so that you have the power to transform how you deliver care.

While pressures and constraints become tougher, QuartzClinical can help you navigate the road to making better decisions every day.

Our Leadership

Sapan S. Desai, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas G. Koenigsberger, MS

Chief Information Officer

Julie Lynn, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Taylor Lake, JD

Vice President of System Integration and Optimization

Sergio Ritter, MS

Creative Director

Ariane Anderson

Director of Sales



Exceptional Core Capabilities in Clinical Benchmarking, Financial Analysis, Supply Chain Logistics, Health Care Intelligence, & Strategic Analytics

Quartz combines its EHR platform, quality reporting system, and leading quality and performance improvement tools to form Quartz Clinical. Quartz Clinical leverages billions of data points to provide detailed benchmarking data on all clinical, financial, and supply chain segments.

Billions of data points for benchmarking


CMS-Approved Quality Management System

Quartz fuses its EHR platform with its CMS-approved quality management system to become the first combination product.

CMS Approved


Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care Intelligence

Quartz integrates an artificial intelligence algorithm to help analyze millions of clinical, financial, and supply chain data points.


Elevating Clinical Practice and Healthcare Operations Through Benchmarking

Surgisphere leverages Quartz to include external benchmark data from best practices published in the medical literature and from its existing client base. Surgisphere opens new offices in Houston, Texas.


A Trusted Name in Healthcare

Surgisphere has more than 200 clients, including prominent universities and major hospitals around the country and five countries around the world.


Comprehensive Quality and Performance Improvement Tools

Surgisphere expands Quartz to include quality and performance improvement, known as the Quartz Quality Management System (Quartz QMS).


Quartz is Born

Apex Testing, LLC becomes the Surgisphere Corporation and expands into electronic health records with the Quartz platform, known as the Quartz EMR. Surgisphere opens new offices near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.


2004: A Reputation That Speaks For Itself – Around the World

By combining print and online technologies for medical education, Apex Testing, LLC becomes the largest online medical education portal with over 100,000 users around the world.


Changing the World, One Doctor at a Time

Apex Testing, LLC launches its medical education consulting arm for university hospitals and medical societies.


Strong Roots in a Global City

Apex Testing, LLC is formed as a medical education company in Chicago, IL.