QuartzClinical provides you clarity to find efficiencies and cost-savings

Higher costs and inefficiencies from siloed data systems are costing you and your patients. The inability of systems to communicate with each other leads to delays in clinical care, inefficiencies in hospital operations, and higher overall costs.

QuartzClinical is the precision prescription that heals your multiple data sources for crystal clear insight into what works well and what needs help in your healthcare system. By solving the interoperability issues with your systems, we create closed loop analytics to help keep you operating at peak efficiency.

QuartzClinical precision analysis dashboard for better business intelligence

Actionable intelligence means that you can quickly see areas that need your attention – without a dedicated analyst taking days or weeks to show you what you need to see. QuartzClinical precision analysis shows you 8 high-impact KPIs, enables continued quality improvement, and directs performance improvement efforts so you can make precision decisions.