Ground-breaking accuracy for predictive medicine

The precision of QuartzClinical provides hyper-accurate predictive models using machine learning. Flexible enough to be applied to a single procedure, this model takes into account dozens of different variables and provides an overall accuracy of 81%. Imagine having a prediction engine that can be applied at the individual patient level to determine the chance that they will be readmitted. Extremely flexible and scalable, the model is self-learning and individualized to the particular hospital system, so the results are always customized.

Budget time isn’t crunch time anymore with QuartzClinical precision forecasting.

Forecasting includes KPIs that hospitals care most about, is flexible enough to use for a specific surgical procedure, and scalable enough to do so for the entire hospital system.

Personalized medicine is already here with QuartzClinical.

Using QuartzClinical can guide individual patient care and directly impact the quality of that care while reducing costs. Let’s look at an example:

JF’s Case Study:

JF has a diagnosis of peripheral artery disease and had developed gangrene on his feet, requiring a major surgical bypass operation in his leg to improve his circulation. His recovery could have gone one of two ways:

The Usual Scenario

Afterward, the usual scenario would have involved discharge to a rehab facility.

In this scenario, JF has a series of complications that could have been prevented, leading him to be readmitted to the hospital multiple times and eventually culminating in his leg being amputated and him losing his job.

With QuartzClinical Personalized Medicine

QuartzClinical predicts the odds that he would come back to the hospital with a complication, with an 88% accuracy.

In our case, the hospital identifies him as high risk for readmission. The surgeon changes how the operation is done. After surgery, a multidisciplinary team of hospitalists, social workers, care coordinators, and patient resource nurses are dispatched to provide additional support and guidance. A stay in the ICU is avoided, the length of stay in the hospital shortened, and home health care arranged in advance of the operation. JF avoids a complication, avoids readmission to the hospital, and continues to provide a meaningful service to society while enjoying a high quality of life.

The results are personalized to the patient, no matter their age, ethnicity, insurance status, income range, or residence. The results are customized to the type of procedure, the length of the operation, even the surgeon who performs the case. It is individualized to the hospital, and takes into account whether the patient has a blood transfusion, how many days they spend in the ICU, and whether they eventually go home or to a skilled nursing facility.

You can now prescribe better medicine with QuartzClinical.