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CHICAGO and MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – The Surgisphere Corporation showcased QuartzClinical, its cloud-based healthcare data analytics platform today at the National Association for Healthcare Quality meeting in Minneapolis. Through its combination of affordable advanced analytics, benchmarking, big data, user-friendly machine learning, and lean six sigma performance improvement tools, QuartzClinical helps hospitals improve the quality of healthcare while decreasing its cost. QuartzClinical can decrease national healthcare expenditures by billions of dollars, helping to lower insurance premiums and improving accessibility to high quality physicians and hospitals.


“What if you could decrease readmission to the hospital? Avoid complications from surgery? Healthcare would no longer be the third leading cause of death for people,” stated Dr. Sapan Desai, the Chief Executive Officer of Surgisphere. “We are looking at a seismic transformation in the way that healthcare is practiced around the world.”


Hospitals around the country are struggling to maintain profitability due to increased government regulation and a public demand to improve the quality of healthcare. QuartzClinical is an easy-to-use online platform that helps hospitals deliver safe, cost-effective, and timely healthcare to patients. Cheaper, higher quality healthcare enables hospitals to provide more services to their community, and even decrease insurance premiums for people.


“QuartzClinical is the solution we need to transform our healthcare system,” voiced a director of a rural health program who attended the conference. “Its machine learning capabilities and access to big data can deliver tremendous value to our patients and clinics.”


QuartzClinical helps solve the interoperability problem for hospitals so that their various technological systems work together better. It empowers both hospital administrators and physician providers with a data-driven approach to improving the overall quality of care by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Through its integrated project management and lean six sigma performance improvement tools, hospital leaders can prioritize opportunities to transform how they deliver healthcare – all while cutting wasted expenses.


The power of data. The humanity of healthcare.â„¢


About Surgisphere
Surgisphere, founded in 2007, is creating a seismic transformation in healthcare, so that the world can become a healthier place. For medical organizations who need to measure and increase performance with precision, QuartzClinical ( fulfills on the promise of advanced intelligence and connects knowledge from data in ways that empower your entire organization to make better decisions every day at every level.


Sapan S. Desai, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS 
Chief Executive Officer 

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