QuartzClinical Launches Cloud-Based Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

Press Release

CHICAGO, Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — At the 12th annual fall conference for Health 2.0, QuartzClinical announced the launch of the latest version of its sophisticated healthcare data analytics platform. Intended to help hospitals leverage their clinical and financial data in innovative ways, QuartzClinical helps solve the interoperability problem and deliver millions of dollars in savings for hospitals.

“Our machine learning intelligence represents a seismic transformation for hospital operations and the practice of medicine,” said Dr. Sapan Desai, Chief Executive Officer of the parent company of QuartzClinical. “QuartzClinical is a prescription for better healthcare.”

QuartzClinical utilizes comprehensive dashboards to monitor hospital performance, integrates lean six sigma and project management tools to guide performance improvement activities, benchmarks many aspects of a hospital’s performance to identify strengths and weaknesses, and empowers physicians with a data-driven approach to improving the quality of care they provide.

The machine learning capabilities within QuartzClinical have an unprecedented level of accuracy, helping to realize the dream of providing personalized medicine to patients. “There is now an opportunity for hospitals to dramatically decrease 30-day readmission, length of stay, and cost of care while improving the quality of healthcare that patients receive,” said Dr. Desai.

About QuartzClinical
QuartzClinical is a leader in providing meaningful data-driven solutions for hospitals to improve their margins while delivering better care. The award-winning team at QuartzClinical has achieved national and international recognition for their work in healthcare quality. Learn more at https://www.QuartzClinical.com/.

Sapan S. Desai, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS 
Chief Executive Officer 

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